Can I use Chip and PIN abroad?

Yes, it's vital that you know your PIN when travelling abroad. Chip and PIN has already been introduced in many countries, and in some you may not be able to make a purchase without your PIN.

You can use your card wherever you see a Visa or Mastercard sign, depending on whether you’ve a Barclaycard Visa or Barclaycard Mastercard.

In countries that haven’t yet introduced Chip and PIN, you’ll still be asked to sign a receipt to confirm your purchase.

If you forget your PIN, you can view it online (both in the UK and when you're abroad) by logging in to Barclaycard online servicing, and selecting 'View your PIN securely', which you'll find under 'Accounts & services' in the top menu.

If you use up your three attempts, you can't unlock it at a cash machine overseas. Instead, you'll need to call us on +44 1604 230 230 for further instructions. National rates apply.

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