How do I pay my bill with my debit card using Barclaycard online servicing?

Log in to your account. If you've not registered for online access you'll need to do this first.  Make sure you have your card to hand.

You'll see your balance and any payment you need to make as soon as you log in on your account Summary Screen.

Select the option to make a payment and enter the amount you want to pay.

If you've already saved a card you paid with previously and it's still valid, you'll be able to select it to use again. Just enter your card security code (CVV) to complete your payment. Otherwise you can choose to 'Pay with a different card' and enter your new card details.

If you haven't got any saved card details you'll be asked to enter the details from  the debit card you want to use to make the payment.

Once your payment has been confirmed you can choose to save these debit card details so you won't need to enter them all again next time.

Once you've submitted the payment we'll process it straight away, so you'll need to have the funds available in your account. You'll be told straight away if your payment has been successful. If your payment is declined, check the details you entered and try again.  If the payment is still declined by your debit card issuer you'll need to contact them for more information.

You can pay any amount between £1 and £9,999  using Barclaycard online servicing.

You can manage your stored payment cards at any time in the 'Your details' section.