My payment has failed, what should I do and will I be charged a fee?

When you make a payment online, or over the phone, you'll be advised straight away if your payment has been successful, and we'll instantly provide you with a reference number/authorisation code.

If your payment is declined, we recommend you check the details you entered and try again. If you're making a payment online and you've previously saved your card details, please check that your card hasn't expired or been replaced, before you select it to make a payment. If it has expired, or been replaced, please delete the out-of-date card and select 'Use a different card'. If the payment is still declined by your debit card issuer, you'll need to contact them for more information.

Please note, payments are authorised straight away with your debit card issuer. This means, you need to have cleared funds in your bank account when you're making the payment online.
If your payment is declined again, we suggest you try an alternative payment method:

  • By debit card - within Barclaycard online servicing or by contacting our Customer Services Team.
  • By Direct Debit - pay any amount up to your full balance (subject to minimum payment requirements). You can set one up if your card is eligible within Barclaycard online servicing or by calling our Customer Services Team.
  • From a Barclays account - pay using Barclays telephone or online banking services (you'll need to be registered for these).
  • From a non-Barclays account - pay using your own bank's telephone or online banking services.

Our bank details (for phone or online banking payments)

  • Sort code: 20-04-15
  • Account number: 38290008

Please make sure you use your card number as the payment reference.

Please note, if you don't make a successful payment before your payment due date, you'll be charged a fee.

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