I pre-authorised a transaction but the actual charge is higher than I expected, what should I do?

The Payment Services Directive Regulation is designed to protect you from being charged more than you reasonably expected based on a pre-authorisation, and you may be entitled to a full refund. Evidence will be required to support your claim.

How we protect your money when you raise a dispute

While we deal with your dispute, any fees, interest or charges that have resulted from the transaction will be stopped and refunded, even if it has already debited your account. However, if your dispute is unsuccessful, these will be reapplied to your account.

Some companies are taking a bit longer to get back to customers and process refunds at the moment, so please consider this before deciding to raise a dispute. It could slow things down if we process a claim, while the company you made the purchase from is working on getting the refund to you.

What you'll need

When you make a claim, we may ask you to supply some supporting documents. So, before you contact us, it will help if you have some or all of:

  • Proof of your purchase
  • Terms and conditions for your purchase
  • Evidence that the goods or services were faulty, damaged or different from their description
  • Evidence that the goods or services were not delivered or supplied
  • Details of any descriptions or statements, made by the seller, about the goods or services.

You should also keep the item itself, in case it needs to be examined or handed to us if your claim is successful. We may also need an independent report, to show the nature, impact or cost of the problem.

Claim online

Our online form is the fastest way to make a claim. We'll explain what we need at every step and you'll be able to upload photos or digital copies of any supporting evidence we need.

We're receiving lots of cases at the moment, which means, it’ll take us longer than normal to get to yours, so please bear with us. We're working as fast as we can, and we'll keep you informed at every step of the way, normally via SMS and Email.