Flybe has gone into Administration, what should I do?

If you booked your travel using your Barclaycard and would like our help, the quickest way is to make a claim is online.  If you use the Barclaycard app, you can make a claim. Simply click on the transaction you wish to dispute, select ‘Help with this transaction’ and follow the steps – we’ll explain what we need at every step

We may ask you to supply some additional information, to help with your claim. So, before you contact us, get together any supporting evidence you have, which may include:

  • your holiday invoice/confirmation (we won't be able to look into your claim without this)
  • your original airline tickets - that includes e-tickets or paper tickets
  • any other documents you think are relevant

You do not need to supply evidence that Flybe has ceased trading.

We'll update your account that you won't be charged any interest on this transaction for now, and this won't affect your minimum payment.