How does transferring cash to a bank account work?

When you transfer cash from your Barclaycard into your bank account, you’ll usually benefit from a promotional transfer rate.

Transfers are often subject to a handling charge, but we’ll let you know what this is in advance. You can also find out more about this in your Barclaycard Terms and Conditions.

When you make a payment to your account, we'll apply the amount you pay towards reducing the higher interest rate balances, before the lower interest rate balances. This means, you'll usually pay off any cash transactions and purchases, before you pay off your transferred amount.

You can still benefit from up to 56 days interest-free on anything new you buy, after making a balance or money transfer, but you do need to pay off your main balance (excluding any promotional balances) in full and on time. Don't forget to make at least your minimum payments on time, and to stay within your credit limit.

If you're an existing customer and registered for Barclaycard online services, you can apply for the transfer offers available to you by selecting 'Money & balance transfers', under 'Transfers & offers' in the main menu. To log in to, or register for Barclaycard online services, simply click here. If you'd prefer, you can get in touch with our Customer Services Team and they'll talk you through the options available to you.