I'm not receiving my account alerts. What should I do?

So we can sort this out for you quickly, please first check we have your correct contact details. You can do this in the Barclaycard app by selecting the profile icon at the top left of the home page. You can also check any alerts you’ve set up in ‘Help’, then ‘Settings’ and ‘Push notifications’ and that your alerts are set up as you’d like to receive them.

If this is right and you’re still not getting your alerts, make sure that your email inbox isn't full or that the email isn't being sent to your 'junk' folder.

Remember – you’ll only receive a 'Statement ready' alert if your account is set to receive online statements. We usually only send you an alert if there’s been activity on your account that month.

If you've checked all your details and you’re still not getting account alerts, you can send a message from the Barclaycard app.

Open or download the app and select ’Help’.

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