What do I need to do following the death of an account holder?

Dealing with the loss of a family member, friend or someone close to you, is an emotional time and can be overwhelming. If you also need to take care of the financial matters of a loved one, we have a bereavement team that can help and guide you through the process.

Ways to Notify Us

Barclays online form

You can use our online notification form to let us know if the person who passed away had a Barclaycard relationship. 

The Death Notification Service

Barclays and Barclaycard are members of The Death Notification Service. This is an online service, that lets you notify multiple banks and building societies, with just one notification. It’s free to use, and helps make notifying us of a Bereavement as simple as possible for you. Find out more about The Death Notification Service.


If the deceased had a Barclaycard account
Our specialist bereavement team will advise and guide you on what you'll need to do to close down the account
Barclaycard bereavement team: 0800 161 5199

What to do if the deceased had a Barclays & Barclaycard account
Please call the Central Bereavement Team, who'll then update Barclaycard, so you don't have to make two calls.
Barclays Bank bereavement team: 0800 068 2238

If you call out of hours, our Customer Services team will take the call and then email our bereavement managers, who’ll give you a call back.

Find out more about call charges.

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