What documents do I need, to provide proof of income on a new account?

This depends on how often you're paid:

  • If you're paid weekly we need to see 8 payslips or 2 bank statements
  • If you're paid monthly or every 3 months we need to see 2 payslips or bank statements
  • If you're paid every 4 months or less often we need to see 4 payslips or bank statements

You'll need to upload your most recent consecutive documents.

Statements need to show name, address and income being paid into your account.

Payslips only need to show your name and income.

If you are self-employed you need to provide statements or payslips as above and your HMRC headed SA302 form (tax return calculation) or your HMRC online self-assessment tax calculation within the last 18 months.

This needs to show that your tax return has been submitted.

Just a reminder - if we can't verify your income within 45 days then, unfortunately, we'll be closing your account.

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