Can I view my PIN online?

Yes. If you forget your PIN, you can view it online by logging into Barclaycard online servicing, and selecting 'View your PIN securely', which you'll find under 'Account services' in the top menu.

If you haven’t already, log into or register for Barclaycard online servicing.

If you find your PIN difficult to remember, or you think someone else knows it, you can easily change it to one that's more memorable, at a Barclays cash machine, or the cash machine of many other banks in the UK. You'll need to insert your card into the cash machine and enter the current PIN, select 'PIN services' from the screen menu, and then the 'Select a new PIN' option. Choose a PIN that won't be guessed by someone else, such as simple number patterns, e.g. 1111, 1234, etc.

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