How safe is it to view my PIN within Barclaycard online servicing?

It's very safe to view your PIN online. Your PIN is protected using high levels of encryption all the way to your screen. Once logged into Barclaycard online servicing, simply select 'View your PIN securely', which you'll find under 'Account services' in the top menu. Just take care that no one else can see your screen when you're logging in and viewing your PIN.

When you connect to your account online, your session is encrypted. Data you submit is encoded by your browser, using a unique secret key (a session key), which your browser and the secure server negotiate at the beginning of your session. When your encrypted data is sent over the Internet, any third party monitoring traffic will effectively be unable to read it, but the Barclaycard secure server will be able to decrypt it and handle your request normally. Such encryption also occurs when we display screens back to you.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for managing your encrypted session, and 128 bit encryption. This is why the latest versions of Web browsers are needed to register and use this service. For more information on SSL and encryption, many resources are available online, or via your browser's help section.

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