I entered my correct login details but I still can't access Barclaycard online servicing. Why?

Your secure login details were chosen by you and remain private to you and Barclaycard - they work in combination to identify you to us and help us protect your account.

Every time you log in to Barclaycard online servicing, you'll be asked to enter the following information:

1. EITHER your 8-16 character username, OR your 9-digit ID number, AND your 6-digit passcode.

Forgotten your Passcode? Select the 'Forgotten' link on the login screen and follow the instructions.

2. Two letters from your memorable word.

Forgotten your memorable word? Select the 'Forgotten' link on the login screen and follow the instructions.

Still having difficulty? Check the privacy settings in your browser to make sure cookies are not blocked, as this’ll prevent Barclaycard from working properly. Alternatively, you can clear all cookies and try again. However, please be aware this will remove any details you've saved on other websites.

If you keep getting this message, it's possible something's wrong, so please give us a call on 0800 161 5300 and speak to a member of the team. The line is open 7am – midnight, 7 days a week (call charges may apply). We also offer a Next Generation Text or SignVideo service. For more information, visit barclaycard.co.uk/accessibility.

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